My Story

Here’s the short version…

I am a licensed stylist and certified health coach, who is passionate about supporting people to improve their lives by focusing on both inner and outer beauty. I believe that beauty is in everything: hair, fashion, food, actions, smiles, obstacles, attitudes…we are constantly given ample opportunity to create a beautiful life that is rewarding and fun.img_8554

After I finished a competitive ballroom dance career, I began working as a freelance stylist in 2010. Hairdressing was a good fit for me given that I have an allergy to desk jobs. Instead of dancing with a partner I felt I was dancing with hair, satiating my appetite for movement and creativity.  I worked primarily between Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City. During this time I was fortunate in meeting many extraordinary women who gave me inspiration, trust, and wise advice that I would carry with me forever.

Of course, advice never replaces personal experience. I had yet to learn the art of creating a healthy balance for myself. With an obscene amount of hairspray, coffee, and 4:00 am wake-up calls, I quickly became a woman who couldn’t keep up with herself. I became overworked and exhausted, which led to adrenal fatigue, inflammation, and a poor immune system. Since beauty starts with health, I turned to nutrition. I went off dairy, gluten, sugar and what I thought was happiness within two weeks. My pantry cupboards looked as though I had been robbed. I soon filled them with whole foods, dried herbs, spices, sea vegetables, fermented products, and other foods I had never heard of. I felt incredible and that was the beginning of my obsession with food, healthy eating, and a never-ending journey of self discovery in what it means to be beautiful.  

“Very professional and accommodating! She really worked in a step-by-step way that allowed me to fit the program into my busy life.”

– Johnathan